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Welcome to A Laurin Leaf Teas and Spices


We are possibly the most unique tea and spice company in the world! Our high quality ingredients, pesticide and chemical-free growing environments, and innovative approach to creating delicious teas makes us stand out in a crowd of traditional sellers. Take a look at a few of the things that make us so special.

  • fresh, yearly harvest of herbs and fruits
  • no added flavors, colors, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or enhancers
  • none of our tea ingredients are sourced from the traditional camellia sinensis plant from which all black teas originate
  • everything we source locally is dried on our Alberta acreage and we package all our teas ourselves so we can guarantee the purity and quality of our products
  • our spices are the freshest and most flavorful herbs you have ever tried!
  • we offer both caffeine-free and caffeinated varieties of our teas!


Oh my goodness!!! I ADORE Just Licorice Tea!!! It is so delicious. I think it just replaced all of my other teas!

Lisa Nelson


The Lemon Ginger tea is just perfect in my opinion. I have never tasted better ginger tea! Totally addictive!

Penny Green

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