What makes us so special?

A Laurin Leaf teas and spices are unlike any teas or spices you have ever tried! Here is what makes us different and SO much better than all those teas on the supermarket shelves.

First, we are local. Many of our ingredients are either grown right on our 6 acre property just outside Breton, Alberta or are picked from local fruit farms. Nothing is imported from Asia, except for ginger and exotic spices which are only native to that region of the world.

Second, we are fresh. Our local herbs are grown right here on our acreage every summer. We then pick and dry the leaves, dry the fruit we harvest or purchase, and package all the ingredients ourselves so that you get the maximum flavor from each ingredient. We even make our own custom tea bags to ensure that you get that perfect cup of tea every time!

Third, we are good for you. Because so many of our ingredients are fresh and picked at their optimum ripeness, you get the maximum flavor from each and every ingredient! Our teas are bursting with good-for-you ingredients to help you get a good start to your day and a satisfying and refreshing repose at the end of it.

Whether you are looking for a great, satisfying cup of tea or a way to boost the flavor of your favorite dishes, A Laurin Leaf has all the ingredients you need! Try a sample today!

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